My Story

I’m an active, funny, smart, out-going, goal-driven, results oriented 48 year old Mom, wife, daughter, sister, Entrepreneur, Pilot, Realtor, and animal lover with a passion for skiing, mountain biking, travel and food!

I have been on a journey of attempting to restore pain free use of my right ankle for more than a decade.  I had repeatedly sprained my right ankle accidentally, walking, running, during competitive adventure racing, hiking, and living life.  This created instability and pain that became unbearable.  I began researching remedies asking for referrals and settled on a local orthopedic surgeon in late 2017.

New to the idea of having surgery, I was unaware of what questions to ask, or expectations to have.  I took my chosen surgeon’s opinion and plan as the final word.  I did not realize the importance of advocating for myself, questioning outcomes, success rates and alternate options.

My goal in creating this website is to inspire hope for options outside of what your doctor may be aware of and offer what I have learned to improve your experience in finding answers to your quest to improve your health!

Check out my blog that is tracking my journey from instability, to tendon/ligament repair surgery (that left me in more pain and pulled my subtalar joint bone on bone) to finding my voice, researching options that lead me to an incredible procedure, and new surgeon, that is leading me down a new path of joint preservation and cartilage regeneration.  Restoring my hope with the possibility of living my life as active and pain free as god intended.

With gratitude, love, hope and faith,