How do you shower with that device (distractor) on your foot?

Showering daily with mild baby shampoo/wash is part of keeping the pins clean and skin moisturized.  I also swim in the chlorinated pool at the gym!  It’s also great to utilize the handicapped shower stalls at the gym for showering.

Does it hurt?

When I am not bearing weight on it, it is mildly uncomfortable, but not painful.  It definitely looks more painful than it is.  Walking puts pressure on the pins and the bottom pin by my heel pinches when I walk, so I use crutches to minimize discomfort.

Is regrowing cartilage using stem cells experimental?

No! My surgeon, Dr. Rozbruch, has been performing this surgery on the ankle joint for 20 years and the subtalar joint for 9 years with a 90% success rate.  Make sure you ask anyone performing any procedure on your body for their track record, references, reviews and success rate.