Feb 12, 2017 – Tendon Repair Surgery

I finally bite the bullet, I scheduled surgery for closing day at Schweitzer Mountain Ski resort, to repair the torn tendons and ligaments that are causing instability and pain in my right ankle. 

Expectation is to spend 6 weeks no weight bearing.  First 10 days in partial plaster cast, then 4 weeks in pretty pink cast, then 2 months in walking boot, followed by Physical Therapy with the expectation of walking by June 2017.

This recovery drags on with endless PT, no pain relief, inability to walk without severe pain.  It turns out that the surgery to repair tendons and ligaments pulls the subtalar joint bone on bone.  My treatment with this surgeon ends 14 months post tendon/ligament surgery with his advice to fuse the subtalar joint or live in pain for the rest of my days. 


Partial Plaster Cast
Before Pink Cast
Pink Cast

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