January 10, 2019 NYC 2nd Check-up

I arrived in NYC at 10p the night before my appointment. I stayed at The Bentley Hotel, which is conveniently located on York Ave about 10 blocks from Dr. Rozbruch’s office. I made my way in my borrowed mobility scooter to HSS for my 9a appointment. I was sent for x rays before seeing Dr. Rozbruch. My x rays, although they cannot show cartilage, show the space created by the fixator, show the condition of the bone. Dr. Rozbruch was very enthusiastic about my x rays and said “you are the poster child for this procedure”! Over the moon to see someone with so much positivity and encouragement. After spending the past 6 weeks explaining my condition to people from NYC to LA and North Idaho who have never heard of or seen this kind of hardware and didn’t know it was possible to regenerate cartilage, you start to feel like a science experiment. So, it is very affirming to be told it looks great and is progressing well! Mission accomplished, now I get to enjoy an amazing Indian curry delivered to my room… I love New York! Halfway there!!!!

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