November 21, 2018 – Surgery in NYC

Subtalar Joint Distraction Surgery

We checked into the hospital at 5am. Every detail is well thought out at the Hospital for Special Surgery, the staff are all very kind, thoughtful, friendly and professional. We met with the team, nurses, the Surgeon, Anesthesiologist, Medical doctor and they walked us through timing, expectations and made me feel comfortable and well cared for.

Surgery lasted approximately 3 hours. My understanding of the goals of surgery are/were :

  1. To clean out all the bone spurs and arthritis from the subtalar joint to prepare it for the injection of bone marrow (stem cells harvested from my hip);
  2. To attach the distractor to my Tibia with 2 stainless pins that penetrate the bone and stabilize the device;
  3. To insert 2 pins below the joint and 2 pins above the joint which will allow the fixator (distraction device) to open the joint between 4 to 8 millimeters where the injection can deposit the cells that will jump start the regeneration process;
  4. To micro-fracture the bones on either side of the joint to help notify the body to begin the repair process and provide nutrients and additional circulation;
  5. Finally, Dr. Rozbruch also did a nerve release on the left side of my right ankle in order to improve the numbness I had begun experiencing during recovery from the previous surgery in my 3 middle toes and bottom of my foot.

Surgery went well and I awoke happy and excited about the prospect of beginning the process of joint preservation! Feeling very blessed and grateful!

November 21 2018 4

I stayed in the Hospital for Special Surgery for 3 nights and felt spoiled. Great food! Amazing View of the East River! Attentive & kind nurses, physical therapist, occupational therapist, and the nicest, sweetest roommate I could have asked for, Hi Ruth, I hope your recovery is going well!

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