Feb 20, 2019 – Distractor Removal Surgery


Distractor Removal Surgery was easy, quick and painless. Now the hard part, recovery! Learning to walk again! Physical Therapy! Regaining range of motion, rebuilding calf muscles, breaking down scar tissue.

I stayed in New York for the weekend to rest and recover and have all the best food in Manhattan could serve up to us! Plus, had some great quality time with my Mom, who is incredible and funny and sweet and the best mom a girl could ask for!

Physical Therapy at Physio One in Hayden, Idaho was scheduled for 5:30a on Monday and was good. Tyler is the best and since he has worked on my ankle in the past, has a good idea about my range of motion. Additionally, he is incredibly intuitive and always gets into the muscles to relieve pain, release tension and increase circulation, then he puts me into an anti-gravity treadmill where my weight is removed by 60% so that I can begin walking without all my weight. I am always amazed at how much this helps to get my entire leg working properly again. It allows me to regain a proper gait without the stress of all my weight on the joint, Amazing machine!

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