Mar 1, 2019 – 1 week post surgery

So, today is the first day I have even had a smidgen of a doubt that this would work! Of course I have regrown enough cartilage to keep the bones from rubbing on each other, right?!!!

Woke up very stiff, unable to move ankle very much without pain! Can’t bend the joint very much and very limited ability to put weight on leg. Feels like it felt prior to surgery!!! Trying to walk (no pun intended) myself off ledge. It’s just the first week of recovery, Doctor did say it would take a year, really too early to lose faith! At least give it a month, 6 weeks, Laura! Wear your compression socks and boot in the day time so you can walk without crutches. Spin on the bike 2 times a day for 30 minutes, do PT 3x a week. Spell the alphabet in the morning and before bed with your big toe. Today is 1 week, so you can start swimming! Be kind to yourself, you are doing great! This is a process, You will be fine, besides, worst case scenario… at least you get to wear 2 matching shoes!

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